Flick The F*ck It Switch - Focus

Too many ideas and no implementation? Discover your own way to focus and get things done!Waste time scrolling thoughtlessly on social media? Don’t get things done because no one cares whether you’ve finished or not? Keep on buying another course or program that you believe will solve your problems?

Flick the F*ck It Switch – FOCUS is the lifeline you need for focus in your business. If you like practical tips and tricks, motivational kicks and personal stories, then you’ll love my un-sugarcoated insights.

During my work with my coaching clients, I discovered that what is keeping you from being your best self, evolves around four topics; Power, Passion, Courage and Focus. Over the years, I developed a successful framework to make a change and each and every time, it proves to help my clients become their best version.

With my Dutch direct way of not sugarcoating my knowledge and advice, I have helped many people to go and shift their mindset and change their lives from feeling ‘meh* every day to thriving in their business and personal lives. By finding and Flicking the F*ck It Switch, my coaching clients have made tremendous changes and so can you!

Flick the F*ck It Switch - Focus is available as an ebook and as a paperback now.

This book is part of a 4-book series of which the remaining parts will be published soon. Stay tuned and subscribe to be the first to know when the next book will be out! 

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